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(METROPREP™): Mobile Asphalt/Concrete Cutting, Cleaning and Wastewater Reclamation Unit 

*Standard Chasey: Ford F550 2020 Diesel GVWR:19500
*Cab Configuration: Standard Bench Single, 2 or 3 passenger
* Drivetrain: Automatic, 5 Speed Automatic
*Chasey Body Paint: Standard White
*Platform/Gate: Aluminum & Corrugated Steel Platform, Thieman 4000 LB All Steel Construction Single Drop Gate (Hydraulic over Electric Controls)
*Standard Waste Tank; 500 US Gallons
*Vacuum Ports: 2 with 1.5 inch Hi-Vis Vac Hose (25-50 LNFT)
*Fresh Water Tank: 350-400 US Gallons (2.0 Quick-Disconnect Utility Hoses Pressure/Spray Nozzles)
Work Platform Accessories:
*Passenger and Drivers Side Mounted Shelf for HI VIS Slurry SoXX Wet Storage. *Passenger and Drivers Side, Mounted Utility Boxes for Hand Tools, Saw Accessories and Folded Dry SoXX Storage
*Rack Body Welded 6000lbs. Handling Straps
*Rack Body Mounted Quick Release Spring Pin to Secure the 48/18-inch Diamond Blades
*Deck Mounted Secure Fuel Storage Caddy (2/5 Gallon Units)
*Agronomic Handle Tool (Shovels, Squeegees, Broom) on clamp down Storage units
*Remote-Single Operator Liftgate Controls on 10’-0” Cable
*Deck Mounted “D” Rings for additional Handling Support
*Quick Release Rack Body “D” Ring Pocket(s)
*Rack Mounted Quick Hasp for Safety Cone and Sign Storage)
*Welded “O” Ring(s) for Additional Deck Restraints
*Rack Body Mounted DOT Strobes at ALL Vertical Supports and Integrated in Front Grill Integral Strobes at Liftgate Posts (Strobe will Activate when Unit is in unlocked position
*Deck Storage for (1) Large Format Walk Behind Saw and (1) Mini Walk Behind Saw
*Fully Coated Non Slip Surface on Deck and Tailgate

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